Credit card payments are time consuming

Credit card payments are fine for large purchases, but for smaller payments consumers want simplicity and speed.

Consumer research shows that card transactions take at least 120 keystrokes and over 3 minutes to complete. This time consuming process stops consumers making smaller, quicker purchases.

With mobile payments this issue is eliminated.

Payforit mobile payments

ImpulsePay uses Payforit, a billing technology backed by all UK mobile operators. No registration or credit card is required, so you can bill over 60 million people instantly.

Payforit is a web based mobile payment solution. Similar to PayPal, but without the tedious credit card process, Payforit allows for quick and easy payments using only a mobile number.

When browsing over a mobile data connection your customers can pay you in just a single click, whilst customers on a wi-fi connection can simply enter their mobile number to make a payment.

A smaller slice of a bigger pie.

Mobile payments can lift revenues by drastically increasing conversion rates.

Mobile payments do attract a higher transaction fee, however the ubiquity of mobile phones and the fast, seamless payment process mean you can expect a much larger volume of converting customers.

Taking the hassle out of the payment process means consumers are much more likely to complete a transaction.

About ImpulsePay

As the only company dedicated solely to Payforit, ImpulsePay is the UK's fastest growing Payforit provider. ImpulsePay provides content owners, application developers, charities or even adult and gambling sites a simple and easy to use process to establish a payment service.

With hundreds of clients spanning many sectors, ImpulsePay is the leading provider of Payforit in the UK...