A new, better way of taking mobile payments

Premium SMS is old, unreliable and due to the inherent security issues, is now heavily over-regulated.

Premium SMS has been susceptible to scamming and unscrupulous services for a long time, just take the infamous 'crazy frog' ringtone controversy for example. The PSMS market has struggled to improve its image over the years, and consumers are still extremely wary of texting premium rated numbers.

The advent of mobile phones with web access has seen the arrival of a better, more secure mobile payment option. Unreliable delivery receipts, limited tariffs and a reputation for rip-offs are behind us with the arrival of Payforit.

Payforit: 1-click mobile payments

1-click payments on mobile, 3 step payment on wi-fi.

Payforit is a web based mobile payment solution. Similar to PayPal, but without the tedious credit card process, Payforit allows for quick and easy payments using only a mobile number.

When browsing over a data connection (3G, EDGE etc) your customers can pay you in just one click! There's no registration needed and you can bill over 60 million people instantly.

If the customer is on a wi-fi connection, or browsing on their laptop, they just need to enter their mobile number to make a payment. No texting short codes or replying to text messages. It really couldn't be more simple!

Trusted payment framework

Payforit is fully backed by all UK mobile operators

With Payforit, consumers can be confident that they are being billed the correct amount. All our payment screens are designed to be as transparent as possible, whilst increasing conversion rates through a better consumer experience.

Payforit is designed to be inherently secure. There is no need to register any personal details, and charges can never be made without the consumer's full consent. This is reflected in the statistics for Payforit complaints, having 17 times fewer recorded complaints, enquiries or calls per pound spent* than premium rate SMS.

* Source: PhonepayPlus quarterly report July 2011 comparing all sources of contact

About ImpulsePay

As the only company dedicated solely to Payforit, ImpulsePay is the UK's fastest growing Payforit provider. ImpulsePay provides content owners, application developers, charities or even adult and gambling sites a simple and easy to use process to establish a payment service.

With hundreds of clients spanning many sectors, ImpulsePay is the leading provider of Payforit in the UK...