Adult content websites

The adult content industry is huge, but monetizing that content can sometimes be difficult due to anonimity issues. If you provide credit card or paypal access, you could be reducing your potential audience, as these transactions are never truly anonymous.

Payforit lets your customers charge purchases to their mobile, with the transaction appearing on their bill as 'Payforit'. The only information required is the phone number, with no need for personal details like credit card numbers or addresses.

Virtual goods

With the online virtual goods world growing rapidly, mobile purchasing is becoming the ideal solution for selling online virtual content like upgrades, characters and in-game currency. Because virtual goods are generally low value purchases, mobile payments are the logical way of taking the quickest, most frictionless payments.

Payforit allows a quick and easy way for your customers make low value purchases without having to get out their credit card, address details or any other personal information.

Virtual gift services

As social networking continues to grow, virtual gifting is fast becoming a lucrative sector. Virtual gifting, much like virtual goods, is a great way of showing affection for a friend or loved one in online social environment.

Because most virtual gifting is done on the spur of the moment, ensuring that you have the right payment option for customers is extremely important. By offering a 3 step mobile payment option, your customers are much more likely to make that impulse purchase.

Gambling websites

From bingo to blackjack, online gambling and betting has taken off in recent years. Traditionally, credit cards were used to top up accounts with money or credits. Today, mobile purchasing is a much quicker and easier alternative to credit cards.

By taking away the barrier of a lengthy top up process your customers are much more likely to continue playing.

Virtual games

Virtual games, social gaming and MMOs are realising the potential of monetizing huge user bases through virtual goods, virtual gifting and subscriptions. Offering an easy way to pay for these is paramount to their success.

Payforit is a perfect additional payment method. Plus, with ImpulsePay you're not restricted to charging for one thing alone. The set up time for a new product is literally minutes, so you can conceive a new game, service or product and start selling it instantly.

Virtual chat sites

There are thousands of chat sites with literally millions of active users on the internet today. Paying for access is generally done by credit card, but increasingly chat sites are realising the potential of micropayments and mobile payment subscriptions.

ImpulsePay makes it incredibly easy for you to setup a mobile payment gateway for website access or to sell added extras like virtual gifts. Age verification is also available, so you know you're not letting children access adult services.

Virtual Access

Virtual access basically means paying for access to a website, online service or product. The main drawback of charging for services online has generally been the cumbersome card payment process. Do consumers really want to use their card for a 50p purchase?

With Payforit, consumers can pay for access using the thing they are most likely to have in their pocket: a mobile phone. This means that the barrier to entry is much lower, and therefore customer payment retention can be as much as 60% higher

Dating websites

Both casual dating and niche dating sites have grown substantially over the past few years. The traditional subscription model however is becoming outdated in favour of more microtransaction based services.

More recently, virtual gifting and virtual goods have been introduced into dating sites. By allowing users to send virtual gifts or to upgrade their profiles using small, frictionless payments, dating sites have seen huge increases in revenue. With ImpulsePay, you can start taking transactions today

Adult content

Monetizing your adult site using Payforit means discreet billing and adult verification with one frictionless payment.


The virtual goods world is exploding, ImpulsePay offers a quick, easy way for customers to make low cost purchases

Virtual gift

With a Payforit solution, you can make purchasing virtual gifts a hassle free process for customers.


Payforit's age verification technology means you can make sure you're taking payments from over 18s only

Virtual games
& quizzes

monetise your virtual game with Payforit. Quick and easy payment means quicker access for customers.


Integrate Payforit with your dating site and start monetizing through virtual goods and currency.


Have a website or online service? Charging for access is straightforward with Payforit.

chat sites

Chat sites are huge, but monetizing them isn't always easy. Payforit gives you the simplest way to offer a frictionless payment method!