We've tried to make it as easy as possible to add our payment gateway to your website. The easiest way is to provide a website link, using the details below. To increase security we recommend the secure method, which prevents people tampering with your payment information.

Taking a payment

The easiest way to get started, copy and paste this code onto your website and you're ready to go

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<a href="http://uk.impulsepay.com/4276">Buy Now</a>

Customising your request

You can append these parameters to your URL and allow additional information to be passed into your request. If the data passed in is incorrect then the parameter will be ignored.

Parameter Value Type Description
Note string, max 255 Used in the notification alert/email, the success/failure URL and stored with the payment to allow you to track this specific payment request.
ServiceDesc string, max 35 Lets you dynamically change the service description for a payment request. If this is blank then the default service name is used.
Mobile numeric, max 12 Used to pre-populate the mobile in the 'receive text' flow. To prevent changes add '&readonly=Y' to the URL. Number must start with 447.
Tariff numeric Allows you change the default price to one of the values listed. We recommend using with the secure method to prevent changes.
Force string This overrides our device detection process to allow you to explicitly state which style of payment window should be shown.
Protocol Requests a secure connection. The auto detect method is not compatible, so the alternate verification is used instead when on secure connections.

Note: To avoid breaking URLs we advise all custom data should be URL encoded. See http://www.w3schools.com/tags/ref_urlencode.asp for help.

Automatic notification for a payment

An optional notification to your server via an HTTP GET request, letting you know if a payment was accepted or declined.

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Appended parameters

We will append the Mobile, SessionID, Note, Status and Tariff parameter to the notification to you, along with additional parameters you include on the URL. Due to customer privacy issues, we will not append the Mobile parameter to the success and failure URLs.

Parameter Value Type Description
Mobile numeric, max 12 The mobile number used to make a payment with. This is only provided when a successful payment is made and will be in international format.
Operator string, max 8 The mobile operator, when known. If it is an MVNO (eg Tesco mobile) then the underlying mobile operator (O2) is provided, except for Virgin.
SessionID numeric A unique ImpulsePay identifier for this payment. This is also provided on the redirect after a successful or failed payment.
Note string, max 255 This is the Note parameter you passed to us when making a payment request, which allows you to track this specific payment request easily.
Tariff numeric The tariff amount of the payment request. This is useful when dynamically changing the tariff and need to reference it again post payment.
Status numeric The billing status of the payment. We will not send a payment notification for status codes 0, 10 and 140.
SubID numeric A unique identifier for a subscription which is provided in the subsequent notifications after future payments, and when a user is redirected.
Status Billing logic Description
0 Not billed Payment page loaded, no further action taken by the customer
10 Not billed An incorrect RouteID was specified in the request
11 Not billed The IP address did not match the one specified in the tariff settings
12 Not billed Payment flow is not permitted for this account
100 Successfully billed Transaction was successfully billed
140 Attempting to bill Attempting to bill the mobile. This status will update to a 100 or 20x code shortly
200 Billing failed Payment failed and the customer should contact their mobile operator to resolve
201 Billing failed Daily £30 spend limit reached, which is reset at midnight
202 Billing failed Customer failed the age verification check
203 Billing failed Customer clicked 'cancel' inside the payment flow
204 Billing failed Payment has failed due to insufficient credit
205 Billing failed Customer has reached their spend limit as specified in the tariff settings
207 Billing failed Unable to detect the network operator (sometimes due to a temporary issue)
208 Billing failed Something generic went wrong
209 Billing failed Transaction blocked as customer is blacklisted

Check the status of a payment

Look up the status of a payment at any time to confirm if it has been successfully billed.

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Appended parameters

You need to append the SessionID to the URL, which is provided when we make a redirect to your success or failure page.

Parameter Value Type Description
SessionID numeric A unique ImpulsePay identifier for the payment, which is provided to you when we redirect a customer to you post payment URL.
You may use 100100 to try a successful status and 100200 for a failed status